INTEGRITY. As an organization. As individuals. As teams. In our actions. In our food. In our financials. Integrity is paramount. We demonstrate consistency. We generate trust. We are dependable. In everything we do. Nothing is more important than our integrity. We always do the right thing. The first time. It builds value by earning a stellar long-term reputation of honor.

PASSION. We have a deep passion that drives us. Passion for food. Passion for people. Passion for being of service. Passion for learning. We are especially passionate about good food, know good food, enjoy good food and are dedicated to always improving upon and consistently providing good food. In everything we do, we are passionate about excellence.

COURAGE. We have big dreams. We possess an inspiring vision and purpose. We believe in the power of possibility. We are innovators. We are positive risk takers. We overcome fear. We are confident. Yet, we demonstrate humility. We learn from our mistakes and quickly ‘get back on the horse'. We keep moving forward. Together. We help each other as we go. Failure is not an option.

KINDNESS. It is how we treat one another. How we treat our employees. How we treat our guests. How we treat our suppliers. How we treat our communities. How we treat the environment. And, importantly, how we treat our self. Our actions come from the heart. A place of goodness. We often say ‘please' and ‘thank you'. We genuinely smile with a sense of gratitude.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We care deeply about the ‘bottom line'. The bottom line is more than financial. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and treat people with the utmost of respect. We have creative freedom to do our job. We take personal responsibility. We know quality leads to profitability. We achieve results with integrity. We recognize and reward people for a job well done.
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