FoodFirst Leadership Team

Brad Blum, CEO

Brad is a visionary restaurateur who is passionate about food. He developed a personal mission to 'Provide Good Food for the Planet', that inspired the formation and mission of FoodFirst. He loves working with bright people and to inspire them to do great things. Brad enjoys traveling the globe seeking new ideas that spark fresh innovation. And, as a race car driver he only knows one speed: fast.

John Wong, Strategic Partner

John is a strategic partner to Brad and an integral member of the leadership team. He knows customers. The customer is king, queen, prince or princess, and now more than ever is in control over their dining choices. John is passionate about technology and its role in shaping new and innovative experiences that build customer engagement and expand the brand.

Bob Mock, Chief Operations Officer

Bob is the ‘restaurant whisperer' and the master of training. He epitomizes 'brilliant with the basics'. He knows that more than anything, the restaurant general manager is the most important position in our company. We have incredibly high standards and treat people with respect. Bob sets up restaurant teams to delight their guests.

Diane Reed, Chief Financial Officer

Diane is a seasoned and steady hand with the company's finances. Known for her thoroughness, accuracy and integrity, Diane provides critical oversight and financial insight to our investment strategy for growth and the elimination of unnecessary cost. She will play a critical role as we drive our 'Quality Up, Cost Down' strategy.

FoodFirst Board of Directors

Brad Blum, Chairman
Antonio Bonchristiano, ViceChairman
Danilo Gamboa
John Wong
Felipe Ohanian

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